Solutions designed with you in mind

Customer focused service development that delivers for your residents and staff.

Elevating your facility in many ways

commitment to offering personalized services that are simple and effective.

Account Management

An  account  specialist  will  schedule  visits  to ensure partnership support

Save Time

Nurses save on med pass time giving them more time to focus on resident care


Packs designed to ensure you deliver the right medication to the right resident, at the right time

Auto Refills

Reduces the hassle associated with reordering meds saving your staff time

Improve Cost

Combination of med management and efficient systems improve your bottom line.


Do you have questions or need help? We are here 24/7 to assist you

Our Simple Pack system ensures that residents receive the right medications at the right time, giving families and caregivers peace of mind medications.

Outcomes & Overages

The meds you need without the extras

Simple approach:

Medication Reviews

Conducted by pharmacists to achieve the best possible health outcomes for your residents

Simplified Billing

Only pay for meds dispensed, no pre-paying for 30 days & waiting for credits and fees

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Customer Support

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