Simple solution in one pack

Simple Pack, an easy, accurate, and efficient solution for your residents medications.


Benefits that go beyond the medications

Saves time for your staff

Ensures safety for your residents

Improves quality of life

Gives families peace of mind

Simplify medication management

Efficiently organized & sorted

Expertly packed medications, according to time of administration, ensuring a steamline process.

Clearly labeled packs

Making it effortless to identify and accurately administer medications, reducing the risk of error.

Quicker med pass

Saving valuable nursing time by reducing med-pass time by 30-45 minutes, enabling them to focus on care.

Easy-to-open packs

Minimizing med pass time for staff while eliminating the repetitive strain associated with other packaging.

Automatic refills

Spend less time managing and reordering routine medications, allowing you to focus on resident needs.


Added benefits for family:

Simple on-the-go meds for day trips or vacations

Easy-to-use packs make trips and vacations simple and safe for family to manage medications.

Less time passing and more time for care

Solutions allow your nurses to spend less time passing meds and more time caring for your residents.

Packaged & Delivered

Packaging inside and out


Next level Organization

Staying organized has never been easier. Simple Pack is delivered in our customized system keeping your residents meds in perfect order.